Rain Rain Go Away

The weather outside was quite dreary and many of the people who normally drop in to the Massey Centre were not around. I was joined by one expectant mother who had not been to the program before. She entered quietly and asked if anyone else was going to come, then sat in a rocker in the corner. The two present staff members and I sat around her and started singing. We sang through a few songs which were unfamiliar and talked about how they might be useful in connecting with her baby. Our sing along session quickly evolved into a full on jam session with instruments for all. The one participant who was present suggested some of her favourite songs and we sang through them as she taught me some new melodies for some old classics. There was one expectant mother and two staff members. At first she was quite timid but soon came out of her shell by singing and suggesting songs to sing. She said she hadn't been singing to her unborn baby yet and I encouraged her to do so while teaching her a bunch of songs.

I brought snack with me to the program which is being stored in the RSF locker at Massey. The new intake social worker came by to sing with us as well as Alina who has been assigned to the RSF sessions. They tell me that they had received excellent feedback about the program from the previous week, but that due to the weather, none of those participants were around this week. They also were very excited about the snack program saying that it would be an added incentive to attend the sessions.