New faces singing old classics!

This week we had about seven newcomers. A few newborn babies with moms and a handful of older children between the ages of 5 and 10. I wanted to make sure the new people could participate so I sang mostly classic children’s songs including: Wheels on the Bus, Happy and You Know It, Itsy, Bitsy, Spider. Afterward I had everyone stand up for some movement and dancing. The children loved doing the Hokey Pokey and Shake Your Sillies Out. To regain focus I brought the attention back to the carpet for some quieter songs, including Lock the Door and I Hear Thunder. Mid class I had to quickly tune my guitar which had EVERYONE completely mesmerized. Everyone stopped talking immediately and watched as I turned the tuning pegs up and down. I don't think the class has ever been that quiet – you could hear a pin drop! We finished the class with an extended jam session and fun under the parachute.