Worth It at Robertson House!

Unfortunately we started class a tad bit late this week due to low attendance but we were able to round up some families to sing and got to work!

I reviewed some Halloween Week material (I Shut The Door, Pumpkin Pumpkin, Five Little Pumpkins, and I'm Dressing Up For Halloween). I also taught them a funny version of The Itsy Bitsy Spider that is sung in the voice of Count Dracula, The Very Scary Spider.We then sang some animals songs together, Listen To The Water, Little Green Frog, Baby Shark, Six Little Ducks, and Elephants Marching.

At this point in time we had several people going in and out of the class so I tried to keep things focused by Rolling the Ball, which helped slightly, but ultimately decided that jamming would be a better way of getting the group to sing together, rather than bringing out theinstrument of the week. We sang Stand By Me, Three Little Birds and I Feel Good. Luckily my plan worked and by the end all the moms were singing and dancing! Whew! Sometimes it can be a lot of work to get them there but it’s always worth it in the end.