En Français SVP?

It was an interesting class this evening at Robertson House. There was a smaller turnout than usual at the beginning - one returning mom with her two toddlers, and two new moms with theirs. One of the new moms came with her son who is almost three. They are newer to Canada from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and speak French with little English. I pulled out the little French I remembered from high school and asked them some questions and gave some directions. I kept the songs simple today and was reminded of music's universality as the boy was able to follow along with the actions and sing the repeated words in songs like "Roly Poly" and "Baby Shark". We had some more participants arrive to class at the end of the movement portion, just in time to roll the ball which everyone was able to share successfully today. The parachute was a lot of fun as it's always nice to see the children dance and giggle together underneath. We'll see what next week brings - maybe I'll have to start working on some more French vocab!