Feelin' Good

It was somewhat of a reunion class today as ALL the participants from last week's class returned with big smiles and contagious energy. It was a very grey day and I was feeling very thankful to be making music with the staff and families at Gooch. We started off by reviewing some songs about Halloween in preparation for our special theme week (Pumpkin Pumpkin, Five Little Pumpkins). Then, we learned two new songs (I'm Dressing Up For Halloween and I Shut The Door), both of which were a big hit among the little ones. We tackled some songs about opposites (Roly Poly, Hands Together Hands Apart and Grand Old Duke Of York), and reviewed some songs about different body parts (I Wake Up My Hands) and getting clean (Bath Time). We took the firetruck for a drive, ringing the bell along the way (Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck) and rode the bus to school (The Wheels On the Bus). We finished by zooming to the moon (Zoom Zoom Zoom).

For the instrument of the week I showed the group how to play the clave sticks, exploring a common clave rhythm with five beats divided into two groups. It is a great rhythm that can be heard in many songs, so we practiced keeping the beat while singing All The Children Like Bananas. We then jammed to Brown Eyed Girl and I Feel Good because it DID feel really good making music with my new friends.

Looking forward to another amazing week at Gooch!