Baby Class

Class was surprisingly quiet at Robertson House this evening. At the beginning of class only one mom had made it, with her two month old, but by the time we were done singing Hello, two other moms had shown up – one with a newborn and one who is currently expecting. I took this opportunity to cover some material more suited to babies, as I don't play this material much because of the wide age range of the children that usually come to class. The moms seemed to really enjoy it and I think it will be useful for them. The moms especially enjoyed doing the dance for All Around the Kitchen, and it rocked the two newborns to sleep. They were then awoken by the tingsha bells which were the instrument of the week. It was quite an interesting turn of events! At the end of the jam, another mom had shown up with her toddler to catch the tail end of class.

It was a fun, intimate class, however, I'm hoping more moms and children show up next week as it is the last class of the session. There are quite a few moms who have been coming regularly each week and I really want them to receive their certificates. Here's hoping!