A Fun Beginning

We had a fun start to the winter session at Robertson House this evening. It was nice to hear moms exclaiming they were excited I was back, as I passed them in the hall. The class tonight was a mix of returning and new participants. Some of the songs we sang were: Roly Poly, Hands Together Hands Apart, Sticky Bubblegum, Bath Time and Sleeping Bunnies. The maracas were the instrument of the week, and everyone did an excellent job of shaking them. Class was moved to the front part of the family planning center for this session and the door was kept open. This allowed moms to hear the program as they walked by – a great advertising tactic! A few got wooed in by our voices and they stayed for the whole class. Everyone had a lot of fun today and it was a strong start to 2015 at Robertson House. I'm looking forward to the rest of the session!