Clicking, Clapping, and Counting

We had another busy and energetic class at Robertson House this week, with loud voices and warm smiles! We started things off with One Finger Keeps Moving, which gave the older kids a chance to show off to the younger ones how well they can count to five on their hands. We kept going with our hands with Sticky, Sticky, Bubblegum, and then Bath Time. I told the kids, "If you sing a song about getting messy, you should follow up with a song about getting clean!" The moms of the very young babies seemed excited to have a song like Bath Time to use during everyday activities. We mellowed out with a great clapping song, Four White Horses. Again, the older kids were really excited to have a complicated pattern to try to master, so for instrument time with the clave sticks I challenged them to try a complex one-two-three-four-five rhythm. Some kids got really into the rhythm while others just loved to click and clack!