Using Our Hands

We had a great mix of older and younger kids at Robertson House this week, but luckily the older kids were keen to teach the little ones as my go-to "assistants". We started off counting up to five with One Little Finger, Tap, Tap, Tap, and the older kids took great delight in shouting out the next number in the song and showing off the correct number of fingers. We practiced our opposites with Roly, Poly, and Hands Together, Hands Apart. The one-year-olds of course didn't quite understand the concept, but they loved watching the older kids tap on the ground and followed suit by the end of the song! We continued with last week's theme of springtime with How Now Brown Cow and Trees Need the Sun, which is a challenge due to all of the sign language. But these kids never seem to back down from a challenge, and by the end of the song the older kids had confidently learned two new ASL signs - "tree" and "we". From counting our fingers to tapping on the ground to using ASL to symbolize the lyrics, our hands were the stars of the show this week and a great way to enhance our music-making!