Animal Signs and Sounds

I arrived at Robertson House and noted it seemed a little quieter than usual. One of the staff members greeted me and let me know that there probably wouldn't be as many kids this week as many of them had moved out on April 1st. We both agreed - it's wonderful that they've been able to find housing, but you can't help but feel a little sad at how much you'll miss seeing them! We focused this week on some really great animal songs - songs with great melodies, actions, and rhythms. We started small with One Little Minnow, which was a big hit among the babies, as each verse ends with a toe tickle! We moved on to Baby Shark, which let the older kids practice clapping on the off-beat, while the younger kids loved the sudden shark attack part! We had a little bounce with Tingalayo, and learned the sign for donkey before we took a break to stretch our legs with Walk and Stop. We finished off our animal songs with Little Green Frog, and I Had a Rooster, which features the signs for rooster, cow, cat, and mouse. These were all so great because no matter if a child was old enough to attempt the ASL signs or was simply enjoying making or listening to the animal sounds, we all had a blast!