Rainy Days!

It had been an exceptionally rainy day today, which runs the risk of putting kids and grown-ups alike in a less-than-cheerful mood. Luckily, singing is an all-weather activity, and the kids and moms at Robertson House are consistently full of energy and joy, so it was no matter! We started off warming up our hands with the ever-popular peekaboo song, Open and Shut Them, and the counting song, One Finger Keeps Moving, before moving into some rainy day-themed songs. The kids had a blast banging on the floor with Thunder Pounding, and the babies really reacted to the difference between the loud part ("Thunder pounding, crash, boom, bang!") and the quiet part ("Shh! Little falling raindrops kiss the ground"). We then brought the sunshine in with the classic, Mister Sun. The kids learned the signs for "please", "trees", and "play", which I hope we'll keep using. And we all had a perfectly good giggle with The Tickle Song, as requested by one of the moms last week who saw it on the lyric sheet. By the time the class was over, the rain had stopped and the evening sun was glowing. What a way to wait out the rain!