Sharing, Helping, and Dancing!

I’m always overjoyed by the enthusiasm of the kids at the Plaza Hotel! Though initially the enthusiasm had the tendency to get chaotic, we’ve settled into a very nice class dynamic. The kids are anticipating which songs are going to come next (it seems like Sticky, Sticky, Bubblegum can’t come quickly enough, as they start asking for it from the beginning of class), and helping newcomers with actions and hand motions. This week had some of the best sharing I’ve seen at the Plaza, with everyone patiently waiting their turn to play with the Ting-Shaw bells, and nobody fighting over instruments in the jam bag (which the kids love bringing out and packing up). There were a number of older siblings this week, which meant we were able to have a nice big parachute jam, and the kids were bouncing with even more energy than normal. It was a delight!