We had a great last class of the session with our Robertson House participants this week. I wanted to really go out with a bang, so I presented the Thunder Drum as the instrument of the week. This mysterious idiophone had everyone in awe as we passed it around and tried to understand how vibrations become sound. It was nice to see some great teamwork with a pair of siblings playing the drum together. At the end of class, families were happy to receive their certificates and some gifts for attending the session. There are such great families and staff at Robertson House!


Turtle Time!

We had a great class at Birkdale today with great attendance. The kids, parents and staff were so welcoming and excited to be singing. We had a really cute moment when we brought out a turtle puppet and the kids were anxiously waiting for “Timothy the Turtle” to come out of his shell. I was happy to see some really excited faces when we started to play peek-a-boo with the turtle. Lots of fun!

Mysterious Sounds!

We had a relaxing class at Robertson House this week with all babies and their moms. After singing a soothing version of The More We Sing Together and flying around the room on our Zoom Zoom Zoom spaceship, we sat down to play our instrument of the week, the shruti box. Moms and babies alike were entranced by this mysterious Indian drone instrument and had a great time shifting its levers around to change the pitch. Looking forward to our last class next week!

Shruti box.jpg

Family Drum Circle!

This week's featured instruments at Robertson House were the goblet drums – specifically the djembe and the darbuka. At first, we took turns passing the drums around and trying to learn a rhythm all together. The drums were such a hit that they stuck around during our jam. During the jam, I observed a mom and her son, each with their own drum, jovially playing each other's drums while laughing and smiling. It was a true family drum circle! Great to see! Looking forward to more great moments in our next class.


Frog Face Fun

We had a great time with our Robertson House participants this week. We had a small but enthusiastic crowd of kids aged 0-5 with their parents. I always love doing our Little Green Frog song, as it gets the kids and their parents acting a little silly together. One girl in particular did a great job sticking out her tongue for our silly frog face as we sang, which her mom quite enjoyed. It's always great to see parents and children having fun together!

A Busy Bus!

We had a big crowd at our Robertson House class today! There was dancing and singing galore with kids from ages 0-5. The kids were very mindful of sharing when we were passing our instruments around, and the grown-ups were very engaged! I couldn’t help but grant the wish of one child when he enthusiastically requested Wheels On The Bus. His hands were already doing the rolling action so away we went!

Snap! Snap! Snap!

We had a great range of ages today in our Robertson House class with great participation from the parents. It’s always so nice to see the young babies especially responding to the sounds of the music. We had a lot of fun snapping our castanets for our rendition of Crocky Crocodile. Everyone was snapping with the tempo! Looking forward to next week’s class.

Hand castanet.jpg

Clap and Blink!

We had a small but fun class at Robertson House this week with another class of all babies. We had many laughs during our time, the greatest of which came when we were singing a clapping song. We noticed that a few babies couldn’t help but blink each time we clapped. It’s always great to see the kids physically reacting to the music! Funny too!

Shake Like Jello!

We had a great class at CultureLink this week. It was nice to see some new participants settling into the class. One baby was so focused on the guitar the whole time, we couldn’t help but have a little laugh about it – too cute! We also all enjoyed a moment when one boy did a great impression of “shaking like jello” during our rendition of What Are You Wearing? Looking forward to more great classes!