A Busy Bus!

We had a big crowd at our Robertson House class today! There was dancing and singing galore with kids from ages 0-5. The kids were very mindful of sharing when we were passing our instruments around, and the grown-ups were very engaged! I couldn’t help but grant the wish of one child when he enthusiastically requested Wheels On The Bus. His hands were already doing the rolling action so away we went!

Snap! Snap! Snap!

We had a great range of ages today in our Robertson House class with great participation from the parents. It’s always so nice to see the young babies especially responding to the sounds of the music. We had a lot of fun snapping our castanets for our rendition of Crocky Crocodile. Everyone was snapping with the tempo! Looking forward to next week’s class.

Hand castanet.jpg

Clap and Blink!

We had a small but fun class at Robertson House this week with another class of all babies. We had many laughs during our time, the greatest of which came when we were singing a clapping song. We noticed that a few babies couldn’t help but blink each time we clapped. It’s always great to see the kids physically reacting to the music! Funny too!

Shake Like Jello!

We had a great class at CultureLink this week. It was nice to see some new participants settling into the class. One baby was so focused on the guitar the whole time, we couldn’t help but have a little laugh about it – too cute! We also all enjoyed a moment when one boy did a great impression of “shaking like jello” during our rendition of What Are You Wearing? Looking forward to more great classes!

Baby Time!

We had a great class today of all babies and moms. It’s always a pleasure to get the opportunity to give the babies extra attention. Some special moments included singing Hello to newborn twins for the first time and trying to all play the same rhythm on the spoons, our instrument of the week. I look forward to more great classes to come!


Shake It All About!

We had a good class at CultureLink this past week. Our usual clientele were unfortunately under the weather, so we had a bit of an older group and their parents. It was still great to see the kids engaging with their moms through music. We had a great time shaking it all about during The Hokey Pokey! Lots of great smiles and dance moves. Looking forward to more great classes to come.


We had a very positive class this week at Robertson House with lots of singing and laughter! It was great to see one mom in particular working with her two year old son to do all the actions to our rendition of Wake Up My Hands. Her son was laughing and smiling as she did all the actions with him. The class also got a real kick out of our instrument of the week – the cowbell. It really got us moooo-ving! Looking forward to more great classes!


New Languages!

We had a great group at our CultureLink class this week. With a variety of ages and lots of parents, the group was very engaged and singing enthusiastically. Since most of the participants speak Arabic, I had a lot of fun asking them to sing our counting songs in Arabic. This was a great way for me to learn something new and for participants to further engage in the class.

Hello! Hello!

We had a great start at CultureLink this week. A small but mighty crowd of eager young ones and parents greeted us with lots of singing, right from the start of class. A few former participants set a great example to our newcomers, especially when asked to share turns with our instrument of the week, the Ocean Drum. Lots of fun, and I look forward to more classes!

Ocean drum.jpg