Jess' first class at June Callwood Centre

It was my first day at the June Callwood Center. The RSF Facilitator at the site, Barbara, seemed very keen. She was excellent to work alongside of, and the center was very well organized. I think that we are going to have a fairly large sized group which is very exciting! The moms and children in the group seemed eager to learn new songs and activities to do with their children and I got almost everyone singing on the very first day which I see as a huge feat!! After 8 weeks I think that our music class is going to be rockin'! Two of the moms that will be attending this session are pre-natal ones which is a very fascinating concept for me since I have never worked with pre-natal moms before. I love the idea of the moms singing to their not yet born babies and will look forward to progressing with them and getting to sing with their newborns when they arrive into this world!