"I'm Dressing Up For Halloween"

Due to my illness the week of Halloween, I technically missed Halloween Week BUT as to not disappoint I wore my costume to class on November 6. I was met with MANY laughs but some children ran to get their costumes and join me for some post-halloween fun! We reviewed some Halloween songs from the previous class but also learned a couple new ones; I'm Dressing Up For Halloween, I'm A Crazy Witch, I Went Walking In The Night, andThe Monster Mash. 

For IOTW I decided to bring a couple of thunder tubes and rainsticks. As a group we created a spooky thunderstorm while singing Thunder Pounding and Rain Rain Go Away. It was great to see the awe on the faces of all who played the thunder tube. It truly is one of my favourite instruments! We jammed to Ghostbusters and finished with the parachute singing Michael Jackson's Thriller.