Repetition is Key

Even though it was a rainy day, Robertson House was full of energy today. I said hello to some familiar faces and met three new children who where very interested in touching the guitar. I explained they would be able to touch it after class and that it was time to start the Hello Song which meant sitting down on the carpet and placing their hands in their laps. This went over well for two of them, but the third child had to be removed from class when he got a tad overzealous and chose not to listen to his caregiver.

Knowing that I was going to be handing out lyrics sheets after class I made sure to go over a bunch of repertoire which resulted in quite a bit of review. We were able to get through the following tunes: I Wake Up My Hands, Hands Together Hands Apart, Roly Poly, Sticky Sticky Bubblegum, Cleano, Johnny Didn't Have Any Breakfast, Sleeping Bunnies, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels On The Bus, andZoom Zoom Zoom. 

Instrument of the week was the Tambourine and I made sure to have each child try the proper technique by finding the handle with one hand and using the other hand to tap, like one would on a drum. We also practiced this idea standing and used the entire body to Shake Your Sillies Out.

We then brought out the Jam Bag and sang our hearts out to Three Little Birds, De-Oh, and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. It is very rewarding to observe the group week to week. Participants sing more confidently and begin to sound more "musical." This is truly indicative of how repetition is essential in learning musical concepts and behaviors that go along with playing certain instruments (i.e. There was no banging of maracas on the drums! YAY!)  

Stay tuned…next week we visit the islands to learn some clave rhythms!