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This week I almost left with more than I came in with...more on that later. First, music again proved to be the international language. A mother, whose twins had attended the previous two sessions, laughed and clapped with her children, and those twins made an effort to put the lessons taught with the instrument of the week to practical use during the jam session while singing "Three Little Birds," and "Jamaica Farewell." The six mothers and ten children also sang "I Wake Up my Hands," "Sticky Bubblegum," "The Tickle Song," and "Baby Shark," among others. A toddler, who wouldn't let his mother out of his sight, was transfixed by the guitar. At the end of the class, hi-fives were exchanged with all the children, except one. That child not only gave me a hug, but didn't want to let me go. I finally managed to return the toddler to his mother and pack up. But, as I was on my way out, the toddler tried to follow me.