Request Week

Today was the last class of the Winter Session at Robertson House, and as always it was bitter sweet in having what could be for some our last music making experience together. However, knowing that the Spring Session will run for a total of 13 weeks following March Break helps ease the transition from one chapter to the next.

I explained to the class that it was request week, which meant that it was time to reflect back and think about what songs were your favourite this session. I saw eyes open wide and mouths drop as I started to go around the room and could tell that this was going to be LOTS of fun. We were able to cover quite a bit of material and it was impressive to hear children requesting songs that we did during the very first class weeks ago. Some of the requests were Roll The Ball, Wheels On The Bus, I've Been Working On The Railroad, Little Red Wagon, Johnny Didn't Have Any Breakfast, I Wake Up My Hands, Hands Together Hands Apart, What Are Your Wearing, Ants Go Marching, Little Green Frog, Sleeping Bunnies, Old MacDonald, and Shake Your Sillies Out. Based on that list alone you can bet that the class definitely ran longer than 40 minutes.

I made the decision to omit the Instrument of the Week portion of the class today, and have an extended jam. We sang through a couple of requests including Three Little Birds, Hot Hot Hot, Down In The Valley and Jamaica Farewell. One of the young boys who has given me some trouble from time to time during class arranged his very own drum kit using the hand drums and tambourines. He then leaned over and whispered in my ear during the jam, saying softly, "I want to take a solo." So I traded back and forth with him on the guitar allowing him to express his musical ideas rhythmically on his homemade drum kit. It was awesome to hear and see his enthusiasm for the music we were making together.

We finished with the parachute, which was by far the most requested activity, and sang Goodbye.