What a way to be welcomed!

It was a good thing they were only brother and sister, because I only have two legs. But with each having a leg to grab, they were able to get their hugs in at the same time. What a way to be welcomed!! That enthusiasm carried through the class, even though we were fewer in number today. Songs sung included Clap Your Hands, Now Sing 1, 2, 3, Sticky Bubblegum, I Have 10 Little Fingers, Dat is the Left Hand, and BINGO. We also choo-chooed around the room to Train is a-Comin' and I've Been Working on the Railroad. We shook things up with the Caxixi as Instrument of the Week. Fortunately, the one mother who is a great tambourine player was there to keep the jam session lively. Hoping to finish off the session next week with lots of people.