Every little thing's going to be alright

We started the class off with What are you Wearing, a song which has become a class favourite among both the children and mothers. The kids just love standing up and doing all the actions while the mothers clap and sing along. I felt a real sense of kinship between everyone this week. This really came into focus during the jam session when we started singing Three Little Birds. While playing the tambourines and shakers all the mothers settled into a groove and sang the words with heart. It's as if everyone really took comfort in the lyrics 'every little thing's going to be alright' and I could feel the daily struggles of life melting away as the song went on. It was a beautiful musical moment. When the song was done I told them that was the best rendition I'd ever heard, and I really meant that. We closed the class with the parachute and then sang the Goodbye Song.