Request Week & Goodbye My Friends...

Another session at Robertson House has come and gone. After getting to know the staff and residents, it is a bittersweet moment when we must say goodbye, and like sessions past, I find myself feeling nostalgic for those first few classes together. I was overwhelmed to see many residents (both past and present) during the last class, and although it was a busy group, we were able to sing a bunch of our favourites. I was able to guide the class with a couple of my own suggestions and the structure lent itself nicely to showing off all we have learned.

Some of the requests were from the CD while others were songs from the various theme weeks. To list a few: Partner Counting, Nothing in the World The Monkey Won't Do, Listen to the Water, Johnny Didn't Have Any Breakfast, All De' Nations, Wheels on the Bus, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Mr. Sun, Trees Need the Sun, Ants Go Marching, Crocky Crocodile, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Turtle Chant, Sleeping Bunnies (Sleeping Fishes), Three Little Birds, Rockin' Robin, One Love, Jamaica Farewell, Roll the Ball, and Pass the Bean Bag.

After we finished the class, I announced that I had a special surprise for each of them. I told them to close their eyes and on the count of 1...2...3 they opened their eyes to see me holding a beautifully designed RSF certificate. I filled out one for each child, and judging by their reaction it was a wonderful way to end our time together. Many of the moms LOVED the idea of having something to remember their RSF experience and when I return in the fall I look forward to meeting some new faces!

Have a wonderful summer everyone!