Smiling Faces Making Music at Massey

We had a lot of fun kicking off the Fall session at Massey Centre. The moms seemed eager to learn the songs and involve their babies or toddlers, helping the little ones do the actions and move to the music. All the grownups were attentive and enthusiastic participants, doing the actions with gusto, learning the words to new songs, and even adding some of their own variations and improvisations to the music! Some of the little ones were shy to start, but by the time we brought out the instruments to jam with the babies and the at-first-hesitant toddler were completely comfortable and happy to be making music together. I loved seeing the moms coming up with their own rhythms to jam to along with the songs. A highlight for everyone was parachute time at the end. While the grownups had fun watching the boundless energy of a toddler thrilled to move in, under, and around the moving fabric of the parachute, the babies had wide-eyed smiles as they watched the colours of the parachute dance. We had a great time! Was SO impressed by the moms (and also by the friendly staff!). They were all wonderful participants and I'm looking forward to a great session!