Almost Christmas at Jessies!

I had a great time filling in for Rebecca Jess today at June Callwood Center. The moms were at a parent meeting elsewhere within the building, so it was the staff bringing the kids to class today. There were five children with their respective staff caregivers. At first the class seemed kind of low key and sleepy (I think they were due for a nap), but once I brought out the instrument of the week, the Agogo from Brazil, they came alive - both kids and grownups! I played them some recorded Latin music which they seemed to really like, had them practice clapping the cowbell beat with their hands, and each took turns soloing with the Agogo. They proved to be quite musical and seemed to really enjoy seeing the Agogo, as they told me it was the first time they had seen and played one. This flowed nicely into our lively jam session and parachute time. I was also able to catch up with Barbara after class. I hadn't seen her since I last worked at Jessie's over a year ago, so it was a nice little reunion.