What a Feeling

I was delighted to be back at Robertson House this evening. Last Monday was Family Day and I was ill the Monday before it, so I hadn't been there in a while. I had planned to have animal week on the day I had to cancel class, but decided not to do it this week because I hadn't been there in so long, so it looks like it will get pushed to next session if classes continue at Robertson. Nonetheless, class was awesome tonight! I arrived at the shelter and got an exciting feeling as I was setting up for class and moms began trickling in with their children.  I just knew class would be a lot of fun this evening and I was right -  participation was the best it has been yet! Many returning moms came to class today and everyone sang loudly and participated. There were a few older children who had returned and it was fun to have them be able to sing and do actions on their own.  Next week we'll be wrapping up the session and I'll be giving out quite a number of completion certificates for moms who attended 4 or more classes which I'm very happy about!