Musica, Musica, Musica!

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that many of the mothers and children are Spanish speakers. Through speaking with them after class (with my limited Spanish) I found out that many are from Mexico and have recently immigrated to Canada. So, I thought since we are teaching many songs in English it would be fun to learn a song or two in Spanish. Together they taught the class "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in Spanish:

Estrellita, ¿dónde estás? Me pregunto qué serás. En el cielo y en el mar, Un diamante de verdad. Estrellita, ¿dónde estás? Me pregunto qué serás.

After learning the words (and doing the signs), we continued with our regular programming with the following favourites: "What Are You Wearing?", "Little Green Frog", "Sleeping Bunnies" and "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" before ending the class with the parachute and a rocking jam session.