Sounds like a shower?

A pleasant, smaller class with great energy at Robertson House this evening. There were four 3-5 year old children attending and one baby so I decided to add in some more advanced material in class like “What Are You Wearing?”. I told the baby’s mom just to sing and clap along and she was happy to do so. I wanted the older children to have a chance to do this fun song and they really enjoyed it. I brought the ocean drum for instrument of the week. I got everyone to lie down on the mats together while I walked around and played it for them - the little pebbles rolling around inside the drum. They watched and listened and I asked what they thought it sounded like. I got the usual reactions like rain, water, and the ocean. My favourite reaction came from a boy and he thought it sounded like a shower - which is true too! No one has suggested that sound in my classes before and I thought it was so imaginative. Next week is the last class of the session and I’m looking forward to handing out certificates of attendance and completion to the moms and children :)