Rockin' Robin

This evening's class had a relaxed, laid back feel - maybe because of the chilly, snowy day we had. I was happy to see a new mom bring her baby to class, and I prepped a couple songs for Animal Week, next week’s theme, which the moms enjoyed. The guiro was this week’s instrument of the week, and right away a couple moms were able to identify that it was made from a gourd. The new mom, from El Salvador, also informed me that the "g" is pronounced with a "w" sound, which I was happy to learn. It's something I always wonder when pronouncing the "g" in Spanish - maybe it's different depending on which region/country you're from? I should look that up! The jam was great today with a couple moms really playing away on the guiro. Everyone got energized when I introduced our last jam song - Rockin' Robin. Most of the moms knew the words to at least the first verse, and everyone loved singing "tweet-twee-di-lee". I must say it was quite a rockin' note to end on. I hope to find a couple other hits with the moms in the few remaining weeks of the session!