Lots of Energy

There was so much energy for the last class of the session at Rosalie Hall! The daycare kids had been inside all day and needed to use up some of their energy. We began by swimming with a baby shark, then went down to the water for Listen to the Water, and then rowed in row boats down the stream rather quickly. There was lots of jumping for Five Little Monkeys and Sleeping Bunnies. The jam ended with a bang, and the parachute elicited many giggles. It was a great end to the session!

Singing for Spring

We had a lot of fun swimming and singing for spring in class today. We began with 1 Little Minnow and Baby Shark. Everyone enjoyed the tickles, then the shark attacked. Later, we reviewed our seasons and talked about spring for The Tree Song. I brought the guiro as a special instrument, and the daycare kids enjoyed playing their fast and slow rhythms while the baby in class liked the vibrations she felt in her hand as the stick scraped the instrument. As always, there were lots of giggles and fun during the parachute! Guiro

A Mellow Class

Only two moms showed up with their young babies (2-3 month olds) for class at Rosalie Hall today, but we made the best of it. I took the opportunity to encourage more singing from the moms and taught them a variety of signs in songs like Clean-O, Sittin' In My Highchair, and The Rooster Song, as well as a lullaby. I encouraged group input as well by asking the moms for their preferences for activities. It was a mellow class, but it was nice to connect more closely with the moms who attended. I hope it also gave the moms some good quality bonding time with their babies.

A Great Feel

Class had a great feel to it today! I decided to take as many cues as possible from the group when choosing repertoire for the class. A toddler was clapping so we sang Wake Up My Hands, and kept clapping in The Firetruck Song. Then, one of the babies had his tongue out, so we sang The Little Green Frog. Everyone got up for Elephants Have Wrinkles, then the daycare kids stayed standing to shake some extra sillies out. I brought the triangle as a special instrument and everyone enjoyed playing it for the group, hearing their own special chime sound.

Another Great Turnout

Another great turnout at Rosalie Hall today! We had fun with finger play during Where Is Thumbkin? Then a bus dropped us off by the water where we listened for water animals. After that, we continued on an animal adventure with Sleeping Bunnies and Elephants Have Wrinkles. Class ended with the parachute, which everyone always loves!

Energy Balancing

I was happy to be back at Rosalie Hall today. The daycare kids arrived before the babies and they were very excited for the music to start. Once the moms arrived we reviewed our signs for The Hello Song and we were off. The daycare kids had a lot of energy today and the moms with their babies kept up with it well. Everyone had a lot of fun sticking their tongues out for the Little Green Frog. Then, when we were all on our feet, the daycare kids got a lot of energy out by dancing, shaking, and bouncing then stopping. Lots of giggles and smiles all around!

A Solid Start

Class was off to a solid start today! We had a solid group, because the children from the preschool were brought down. The ages ranged from 3 weeks to 4 years old! We all had fun singing a mix of songs suited to the different age levels, and the moms joined in singing strongly. I think they were encouraged by the preschoolers' enthusiastic participation. The instrument of the week, the maracas, were a hit and helped us all rock out during the jam. Looking forward to what the rest of the session will bring! Maracas

New Faces

It was lovely to have the opportunity to step in to lead music at Rosalie Hall. The mothers who participated in the program were a bit shy with me at first, but after a few songs they relaxed more and we really got going. Lots of participation from the moms, including one who brought her week old baby out - never too young to develop a love of music, right?

Hello, Goodbye!

This week's class at Rosalie Hall was nice but rather short. Our low number of participants did not arrive until well after our start time, and unfortunately the class time could not be extended. We did, however, manage to sing our Hello and Goodbye songs, and have a quick jam. Hopefully our attendance will pick up next week!